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Brooks Leather Bar Tape

Thu, 2012-12-13 12:31 -- admin
Brooks Leather Bar Tape
Brooks Bar Tapes All Colours

Beautiful Brooks genuine leather bar tapes for that old classic style look. They are comfy too!

In the Brooks tradition, this bar tape is made of natural leather to make it the perfect complement to your Brooks saddle. Black, brown and honey in stock. Other colours lead-time: 3-5 weeks.

  • The bar tape comes in a kit including:
  • 2 strips of light, perforated leather bar tape,
  • 2 natural cork and wood bar-end plugs,
  • 2 adhesive cloth strips.

Leather bar grips works best with single speed or SRAM Automatix 2 since they don't have grip shifters on the handle bar. It is possible to have bar tape on handle bars with grips shifters too, but only on the part of the handle bar that is free: from the stem to the shifter and brake handles.

Pilen keeps Black, Brown and Honey bar tapes in stock for instant delivery. Brooks offers many colours of bar tape and we can of course bring them home for you. These optional colours with lead time 3-5 weeks are: Apple Green, Green, Mandarin, Maroon, Mustard, Ochre, Olive Green, Raspberry, Red, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Violet and White.

Standard – Extra
Tillval för modell – Selectable for model: 
Kostnad tillval – Extra charge: 
500 SEK