Pilen is loving crafts on two wheels

Pilen is loving crafts on two wheels

Pilen is a beautiful classic bicycle with elegance, distinctly Swedish and with sturdy resilience

Pilen manufacture classical, very genuine and honest utility bicycles with exclusive chrome-molybdenum steel frames. The frame in high-grade steel is currently experiencing a renaissance in the cycling world and people turn away from cheap bikes in aluminium and mediocre brand bicycles. You will never forget the feeling of a Pilen Bicycle. Safe and resilient. The bicycles are wholeheartedly rust protected and components are selected with expertise and experience. A bicycle from Pilen is often a life-long companion. Are you ready to fall in love? We recommend a test drive.

Pilen bicycles is about love – for cycling, craftsmanship, material and people who use bicycles

Pilens are crafted in Mållilla, Sweden, in a family company. Pilen offers distinctive design with high production values, small scale and the personal involvement of the owners. Martin and Louise Avander built the production line and he is involved in the manufacture of every machine.

Pilen Cykel AB

Pilen Lyx

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is crafted with sound engineering skills and built to run easily on forest trails as well as on tarmac

Pilen Lyx is a sturdy and resilient classical bicycle with exclusive chrome-molybdenum frame, wide comfortable Brooks leather saddle and substantial load-bearing rear carrier with hand painted Pilen logo.

Pilen Special

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is what we call it when you customize a Lyx to be your very special friend on the road – Pilen Special

Pilen Special is not really an original concept, but a customized Lyx. It starts from the Lyx model's frame and fork and you can choose colors and selected components to suit your preference and taste. Single coloured bicycles and white and brown tyres are popular choices.

Pilen Sport

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It is a lighter but still strong and agile bike for active people who value flexibility and speed over strength and stability.

Pilen Sport is inspired by the indestructible and hearty swedish sport bicycles from the 70s that many swedes remember with delight and not a few have left in the garage. It is a sporty classic bike but no extreme stripped down racing bike.

Pilen Supersport

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Pilen Supersport
Supersport SRAM X5 10 Speed to the left – Supersport Shimano 11 speed to the right

Pilen Supersport is Pilen's most advanced classic sport bike. The most notable difference with the Sport model is that it can be equipped with disc brakes.

It is designed for the passionate bike lover. The Super sport has a more sophisticated frame, compared to the standard Sport model, with rear vertical drop-outs which allows the use of disc brakes, brass brazed brackets for derailleur and chain tensioner.

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Pilen Special is here

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In addition to Pilen Lyx we are proud to present the Pilen Special with a selection of new paint options and select parts. Due to high spring-time demand for the Pilen Lyx, we will introduce the Pilen Special slowly at first with more options to come. Read more about Pilen Special.

These selections are available from 2011-05-24. More select parts and colours to be announced. A clear-coated steel edition for instance.

Elin, Smiggo, Herb garden's Sugar and Happiness

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In the little village where the Pilen bicycles are manufactured – Målilla – there lives a girl named Elin. In the daily exercise of her horses, she uses her bike. We had the opportunity to film her and her dog Lycka one beautiful dag in May. We were truly touched by the cooperation and trust. Friendship and love. The horses are called "Herb garden's Sugar" (Kryddgården Socker) and Smiggo. The faithful dog's name is "Happiness" (Lycka).

Jim Kent, our first UK retailer – The Pilen Mens 5 Speed

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Despite my background as a road and time trial cyclist I have become increasingly interested in town cycling especially since having children. I am convinced that town and city bikes are the way forward for everyday transport for everyone, including off duty bike racers. My new bicycle shop “There” will make this the focus of its offer.

I found the Pilens when I was researching the business and was attracted at first by their simple business philosophy. They are also some of the nicest people I have worked with and these two factors encouraged me to import their bikes.

Pilen donates bicycles to SSRS on Käring Island in Bohuslän

Since our last visit, we have longed to Käringön! The Avander family and Magnus Tamelander arrived at the port of Hällevikstrand and is picked up by the Swedish Sea Search and Rescue. We make an appointment with Anders and Matthias to have our 11 o'clock coffee on the rescue ship Broström the next day. The hotel is situated just near the shore and we stow our bags away and then go crab fishing in the warm winds and the salty fragrance from the sea.

A visit to Motor's Day in Målilla

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On August first and second, and for the seventy-first time in a row, Målilla launched its popular exhibition Motor's Day – a paradise for all persons interested in motors and engines.

The exhibition have the largest number of engines running in Sweden and boasted about five hundred exhibitors with all possible machines with an emphasis on the old. Visitors numbered in the thousands during the two days.

Do not fear the dark

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The filmmaker and photografer Magnus cooked up a small night cycle film when spring stood luscious and blackbirds were singing. It shows you that Pilen is an excellent bike even at night and you can feel safe riding your Pilen on both pitch dark roads and in evening traffic. A Pilen is comfortable in any environment. So crank up the volume and enjoy the song from birds and well-oiled hubs.

Business of the Year in Hultsfred Municipality

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Today we are happy and proud in a way that you seldom allows yourself to be! We, of all companies in Hultsfred Municipality, has been designated Business of the Year Businesses Association ! It feels like, well maybe not a confirmation, but ... it fuels our spritits! It shows that we are doing something that is appreciated.

After a fantastic Mediterranean menu and a long ceremony, it was time for us to get up on stage and receive flowers and a diploma! It felt great! Many thanks to Hultsfreds municipalities and companies for this honor and award!

Retailer party and Pilen 10-year anniversary

Now approaching Christmas by leaps and here at the bicycle factory, we have got a good taste of Christmas through our 10-year anniversary which we celebrated with a retailer party. We ate a genuine Småländskt smorgasbord where, besides the more traditional dishes, we served both potato dumplings, Swedish turnip pudding and cabbage pudding.

Pike the Movie

Our photographer and slightly mad amateur filmmaker Magnus documented when Janne – Uppsala's most notorious pike fisher and a Pilen bicycle owner for several years – went autumn fishing. He then packs his bag full of hefty sandwiches with liver past and takes his Pilen down to Ekoln and the Gorran Bay south of Uppsala. he film is called Heavy Tackles, but is also called Pike the Movie among its fans.

New site

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A new site with some modern solutions has been our top priority for some time now. The new site is different from the old mainly in that it is bilingual. The vast majority of the pages are both in Swedish and English. The reason is that the reputation of Pilen has reached far outside good old Sweden, and we would like to inform about our beloved bike to both Charles, Isabelle and Domhildur.


Half-way between Hultsfred and Målilla lives a very clever man with an even more clever son. They are the kind of people who live by the motto: If it aint broken – fix it anyway. That is: the construction and the fiddling is an end in itself and a great joy in life.

New films from the production

We have re-organised the factory and streamlined the production. Among other things, we have invested in a number of absolutely amazing ergonomically designed mounting tools - screwdriver, impact wrenches and striking impact wrenches - from Atlas Copco. They are both lightweight and comfortable to hold and applies exactly the right torque. We have thus been able to reduce noise and vibration in the environment.

A Pilen tour to Gibraltar

Four middle-aged men with very different physical conditions – albeit on identical Pilen bicycles – began the prologue from Visby on Gotland's southernmost tip Ljugarn, a trip of about 100 kilometers. The fifth cyclist joins in Målilla on Monday. Now, we would soon have an answer to whether Brooks saddlery could make saddles which also fits old Gotland fellow's behinds, if German gear hubs works for us amateurs and if Pilen bicycles are so fantastic, balanced and user-friendly as promised?

Two Wheels Expo i Älvsjö

The 25-28 January, we exhibited on Tvåhjulsmässan (Two Wheels Expo) in Älvsjö. We did not really know what that would await us, but we have to say that we went happy and strengthened back to Småland. It was great fun that so many of our dealers came and visited us and it was as fun to meet new prospective traders.

We also met many consumers, which could ask their questions and test-drive different models. It felt good to share some of their enthusiasm and joy. The youngest Pilen cyclist was 11 and the oldest was 81 years!