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Pilen is loving crafts on two wheels

Pilen is loving crafts on two wheels

Pilen is a beautiful classic bicycle with elegance, distinctly Swedish and with sturdy resilience

Pilen manufacture classical, very genuine and honest utility bicycles with exclusive chrome-molybdenum steel frames. The frame in high-grade steel is currently experiencing a renaissance in the cycling world and people turn away from cheap bikes in aluminium and mediocre brand bicycles. You will never forget the feeling of a Pilen Bicycle. Safe and resilient. The bicycles are wholeheartedly rust protected and components are selected with expertise and experience. A bicycle from Pilen is often a life-long companion. Are you ready to fall in love? We recommend a test drive.

Pilen bicycles is about love – for cycling, craftsmanship, material and bicyclists

Pilens are crafted in Gamleby, Sweden, in a family company. Pilen offers distinctive design with high production values, small scale and the personal involvement of the owners. Martin and Louise Avander built the production line and he is involved in the manufacture of every machine.

Pilen Cykel AB

Production movie

Pilen's bicycles are assembled in our factory in Sweden in a production line of our own making. An efficient production is the key to a higher quality bicycle for a decent price.

Pilen Lyx

Thu, 2011-05-19 11:32 -- admin

is crafted with sound engineering skills and built to run easily on forest trails as well as on tarmac

Pilen Lyx is a sturdy and resilient classical bicycle with exclusive chrome-molybdenum frame, wide comfortable Brooks leather saddle and substantial load-bearing rear carrier with hand painted Pilen logo.

Pilen Special

Fri, 2011-05-27 13:34 -- admin

is what we call it when you customize a Lyx to be your very special friend on the road – Pilen Special

Pilen Special is not really an original concept, but a customized Lyx. It starts from the Lyx model's frame and fork and you can choose colors and selected components to suit your preference and taste. Single coloured bicycles and white and brown tyres are popular choices.

Pilen Sport

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It is a lighter but still strong and agile bike for active people who value flexibility and speed over strength and stability.

Pilen Sport is inspired by the indestructible and hearty swedish sport bicycles from the 70s that many swedes remember with delight and not a few have left in the garage. It is a sporty classic bike but no extreme stripped down racing bike. Naturally it can be equipped with basket and covering chain-cover.

Pilen Supersport

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Supersport Shimano Alfine 11
Supersport SLX 10 speed Speed to the left – Supersport Shimano 11 speed to the right

Pilen Supersport is Pilen's most advanced classic sport bike. The most notable difference with the Sport model is that it can be equipped with disc brakes.

The Supersport has a more sophisticated frame, compared to the standard Sport model, with rear vertical drop-outs which allows the use of disc brakes, brass brazed brackets for derailleur and chain tensioner.