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PILEN AB – The Company

Pilen Cykel AB is a family Enterprise in Småland which has built bikes since 1998. We have evolved from a very small company with 2 people in production to 5 people plus our creative directors and photographers Daniel Nordenskjöld and Magnus Tamelander. More is not needed. Isn't it wonderful?

Pilen may be a small company, but we would like to count in our beloved dealers in the community. Without them, things would not have gone as well as it has. A real retailer – a bicycle salesman of the old school - can explain why it is good with embedded hubs, stainless steel and demonstrate how Pilen is a unique bike.

We value our dealers and hugs them and greet them whenever we can. When Pilen celebrated its fifth anniversary, we invited all those Swedish and Danish hunks and peaches and had a big party in Målilla Old Rectory. We're still smiling at the memory.


Pilen is developed and assembled entirely in Sweden. We use to say: "Our bicycles are crafts on two wheels". Our ambition is to make the best and most affordable utility bicycle - not to become a major producer. You think this is empty rhetorics? It is not. Old craftsmanship permeates the way we work and every part of the cycle is mounted by hand and controlled in every detail. It is not effective – we happily agree to that – but we love our job, and that love will benefit you and your Pilen. That we promise.

2011 we launched Pilen Sport and Pilen Special as complementary models to our Pilen Lyx. Under 2013 we're launching Pilen Supersport with disc brakes and exclusive select parts.

Martin, louise, Magnus, Camilla, Anette och Rickard at Pilen Cykel AB