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Pilen donates bicycles to SSRS on Käring Island in Bohuslän

IMG_2009_08_06_006621_0.jpgSince our last visit, we have longed to Käringön! The Avander family and Magnus Tamelander arrived at the port of Hällevikstrand and is picked up by the Swedish Sea Search and Rescue. We make an appointment with Anders and Matthias to have our 11 o'clock coffee on the rescue ship Broström the next day. The hotel is situated just near the shore and we stow our bags away and then go crab fishing in the warm winds and the salty fragrance from the sea.

IMG_2009_08_05_006427_0.jpgWe wake up early and have breakfast at the hotel, where we met with Niclas Viken who runs the hotel with his wife Åsa. After a whole summer full of hungry, thirsty and demanding tourists, the family is still very passionate and enthusiastic hosts. The care and warmth that you meet at Hotell Käringön I have never experienced anywhere else!

After breakfast we go down to the Broström and have coffee with Anita, Jonas, Mattias and Peter. We are planning for the film shooting the coming afternoon and assemble the new Pilen SSRS bikes. Käring Island is a good test environment for the Pilen bikes standing outside in the salty and harsh environment.

IMG_2009_08_05_006343_0.jpgThursday we spend swimming. We have an excellent lunch consisting of boiled cod with egg sauce on Ökrogen. The fish was caught yesterday by a fisherman on the island - 6 cods and 60 kg!

Then it's time to think about the journey home. A bit sad. We say goodbye. Niclas comforts us with the words: – but of course we'll seen each other again soon!

The trip inspired us so, we had to write a song to Käring Island as well. If tells of the heroes of Käring Island, where all kinds of vehicles are prohibited, and only the Sea Search and Rescue personal at SR Käringön are permitted to ride a bike.

You can view the film in high quality if you have a good connection: click the red button labeled HD on the movie Control Panel (HD-button pops up only after you started the movie). The button to the right of the HD-button enables full screen viewing.

Translated lyrics to the Song "In love with Käring Island"

In Bohuslän where rocks are bare
the North Sea waves hits the shore
you wrecked your ship
and land is far away

But even in your grave distress
pale and cold and almost dead
their is hope of salvation
a Search and Rescue station

I fell in love with old Käringön
they bring warmth to the cold
only heroes bicycle to their boat
the rest of us have to walk
Text and song: Magnus Tamelander Pilen Cykel