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Pilen Lyx Green

Mon, 2012-10-15 12:03 -- admin
Pilen Lyx Green

Pilen Lyx Green seems to attract those that feel close to nature. And most people who knows their 20th century history are familiar with the British Racing Green concept, or Moss Green as the colour is also called. Green is a friendly and sporty classic racing color.

RAL 6005 British Racing Green

Photographs and downloadable zip archive of women's and men's model of Pilen Lyx RAL 6005 Moss Green. Pilen Lyx comes in zero, 2, 3, 5, 7 or 8-speed versions. Full specifics for Pilen Lyx can be found on the overview page for the model Pilen Lyx.

All Pilen Lyx have the following components:
  • Black mudguards in stainless steel.
  • Black carrier with stainless steel clamps.
  • Black chainguard in painted chromated steel.
  • Black anodized double skinned aluminium rims.
  • Black tires Schwalbe Citizen.

You can choose colour on the Brooks B-66 saddle: Black, Brown or Honey. Brooks B-66 comes in men's and women's model (shorter) and have built-in suspension and are made of genuine leather.

Do you want to customise your Lyx you should take a look at Pilen Special. I sports the same excellent frame and wheels as Pilen Lyx.

Pilen Lyx Specification

Specification for Pilen Lyx. Lyx and Special share most components.

Bike parts
Colors You can choose between the following colours: Black RAL 9005, Red RAL 3004, Blue RAL 5001, Dark Green RAL 6005, Pink RAL 3015, Durablue, Duragreen, Durared and Durablack
Frame Height: Lady's 54 cm Gent's 56.5 cm. Chrome molybdenum steel SAE 4130. Powder coated.
Fork Chrome molybdenum steel SAE 4130 with cast crown.
Mudguards Stainless Steel. Black powder coated.
Bearing and Chain Wheel Maintenance-free bottom bracket from Tange model LN-7922 with forged steel solid spindle, quality shielded bearings and light alloy body cups. Aluminium crankshafts.
Chain and chain guard 108 links. Anti rust processed chain. The chain guard has a layer of Zink before powder coating.
Rear hub
Transmission 44:20
Rear hub alt. 1 Shimano one-gear. Coaster brake.
Rear hub alt. 2 SRAM Automatix 2. Coaster brake. Automatic Shift.
Rear hub alt. 3 Shimano Nexus Inter 3. Coaster brake. Handlebar Gripshift.
Rear hub alt. 4 Shimano Nexus Inter 7. Coaster brake. Handlebar Gripshift.
Rear hub alt. 5 Shimano Nexus Inter 7 with roller brakes. Handlebar Gripshift. Front and rear brakes on handlebar.
Rear hub alt. 6 Shimano Nexus Inter 8 with roller brakes. Handlebar Gripshift. Front and rear brakes on handlebar.
Front hub
Front hub hub generator drives front lamp only Shimano DH-2R35-E-with hub generator and rollerbrake BR-IM41.
Gear shifter Handlebars Grip shift (except Duomatic 2).
Tires Schwalbe Citizen 47-622 with Puncture Protection. For heavy persons (+85) kg, we recommend Schwalbe Big Apple.
Wheel 28 inches (47-622) double bottomed aluminium rims, targeted spoke holes, eyelets and strong spokes in stainless steel. The rear wheel have swaged spokes.
Spokes Stainless steel 2,36mm. Cold forged swaged spokes in the rear wheel.
Carrier Stable carrier made of steel tubing with stainless steel clamps. Painted black.
Lock ABUS high security lock (class 8).
Brakes Coaster brakes or rollerbrake (rear rollerbrakes only on Shimano Nexus Inter-8).
Saddle Brooks B66 leather with spring suspension. Available in colours: Black, Brown and Honey. Alternative is Selle Montegrappa Future in synthetic leather with spring suspension.
Front lamp Busch & Müller Retro N with 2.4 watts H3-lamp. Excellent light for even the darkest road.
Rear lamp LED. Automatic light activated by low light and movement. From Spanninga.
Reflexes Reflex sides on the tires, in the rear and front lamp and on the basket (ladies model).
Bell Stainless steel.

Pilen Lyx weight

Weight specified for the two saddle alternatives: Brooks B66 leather with genuine leather and spring suspension and Selle Montegrappa Future synthetic leather with spring suspension.

Modell Brooks B66 leather S M Future synthetic leather
Lady 1 gear 18.5 kg 17.9 kg
Lady 3 gears 20.5 kg 19.9 kg
Lady 7 gears with coaster brakes 21.2 kg 20.6 kg
Lady 7 gears with roller brakes 21.6 kg 21.1 kg
Lady 8 gears with roller brakes 21.9 kg 21.3 kg
Gents 1 gear 17.0 kg 16.4 kg
Gents 3 gears 19.0 kg 18.4 kg
Gents 7 gears with coaster brakes 19.7 kg 19.1 kg
Gents 7 gears with roller brakes 20.1 kg 19.6 kg
Gents 8 gears with roller brakes 20.4 kg 19.8 kg