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Pilen Lyx Media

Show the archive over all of Pilen's documents and photograps at Dropbox
Pilen Lyx Black Ladies RAL 9005 Pilen Lyx Black Mens RAL 9005
Pilen Lyx Red Ladies RAL 3004 Pilen Lyx Red Mens RAL 3004
Pilen Lyx Blue Ladies RAL 5001 Pilen Lyx Blue Mens RAL 5001
Pilen Lyx Green Ladies RAL 6005 Pilen Lyx Green Mens RAL 6005

It is much work to administer and change the photographs of the bikes over time and across models. We will try something new, to use a file sharing service called Dropbox that many already uses to store and share photographs and files. First and foremost this is a change in order to make it easier for you to find photos and see how Pilen bikes looks. And often our retailers want photos to their websites or advertising and we hope that this will be a step forward. In a Dropbox album, you can download individual photos or the entire album as a compressed zip-file (show example picture with download button). Downloaded files are 2048px wide and can be viewed without Internet. All the buttons above will open in a new window. All photographs are © 2012 Pilen Cykel & Magnus Tamelander and may not be used or distributed without permission.