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Pilen Special

Fri, 2011-05-27 13:34 -- admin

Pilen Special is not really an original concept, but a customized Lyx. It starts from the Lyx model's frame and fork and you can choose colors and selected components to suit your preference and taste. Fully colored bikes and white and brown tyres are popular choices. Many of our bicycle dealers have also developed their own special models. You can choose:

  • Bicycles in single colours: Cream White RAL 1015, Red RAL 3004, Blue RAL 5001, Dark Green RAL 6005, Pink RAL 3015, Durablue, Duragreen, Durared and Durablack.
  • Standard black or silver aluminium rims with either black or brown Schwalbe Big Apple or white Schwalbe Fat Frank.
  • Mudguards in hand-polished stainless steel. Very beautiful. Note: needs polishing once in a while for that extra shine.
  • Beautiful and well sounding bells – even hand painted – from Japanese Crane Bells.
  • Stems model Technomic NTC-225 from well-known Japanese Nitto.
  • Leather grips from Finnish Herrmans Oy.
  • Cork Grips from Finnish Herrmans Oy.
  • Saddle Brooks B-17, Brooks B-17 Special, Brooks B17 Imperial and Brooks Flyer.
  • Stand Atran Moove Double Center. Aluminium. Good heavy loads on the carrier or when you have a child seat and need extra stability. Reduces the risk of the bicycle falling over.

Pilen Cykel AB

Please order your Pilen Special from your local Pilen retailer. We cannot accept orders at the factory. And we can only give an indicative charge over and above the price for a correspondingly equipped (gears and hubs) Pilen Lyx. Your dealer will give you a quote. You may need to pay a deposit for a Pilen Special.

Note that some delivery time may be present on the Pilen Special depending on the choices you make. But it is quite normal when you order a specially equipped state-of-the-art bicycle!

All Pilen Special shares the following:

  • Frame of TiG-welded chromium-molybdenum steel. Superb quality, strong and very resilient.
  • Sleek and strong fork in chrome-molybdenum steel with cast crown. Highly stable handling and wonderfully comfortable on the road or trail.
  • Perhaps the best wheels on the market with double skinned aluminium rims, precision spoke holes and eyelets with extra strong stainless steel spokes. The rear wheel have reduced spokes.
  • Stainless steel stem, handlebars, mudguards, seat post, and all the nuts and bolts out of 8.18-steel.

Front Carrier Atran Alloy

With a front carrier you can have your own porteur style bicycle. It's both stylish and very usable. The carrier is black alloy and with a bamboo bottom. You can also have it painted in in the same colour as the bicycle. Maximum load is 15 kg.
Front Carrier Atran Alloy

Order form Pilen Lyx Special for retailers

Note that the order form is primarily for Pilen retailers only. Private customers can however, if they find it suitable, fill in and e-mail this form to their local Pilen retailer for a quote. A private customer can not mail this to the Pilen factory directly. We will ignore any such files. Or print this form and take it to a Pilen retailer or a bicycle shop that you think should offer Pilen bicycles. Note that this form will change. Always download the latest version if you can.