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Order form Pilen Lyx Special for retailers

Note that the order form is primarily for Pilen retailers only. Private customers can however, if they find it suitable, fill in and e-mail this form to their local Pilen retailer for a quote. A private customer can not mail this to the Pilen factory directly. We will ignore any such files. Or print this form and take it to a Pilen retailer or a bicycle shop that you think should offer Pilen bicycles. You will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open and see them. Note that this form will change. Always download the latest version if you can.

How to fill in

Open the PDF file and click in the checkboxes to select and follow the field groups downwards.

  1. Choose Men or Lady.
  2. Choose Single colour or Custom parts colouring.
  3. Choose colour for frame, fork, mudguards, carrier and chain cover for a Single Colour bike here. Choose colour of frame and fork here for a custom coloured bike and the rest in fields in section 4.
  4. Field 4.1 to 4.3 are for custom coloured bikes only. Choose the colour of the frame and fork in field 3 and the custom coloured parts here.
  5. Choose rear hub and number of gears.
  6. Choose colour of rims.
  7. Choose tires.
  8. Choose saddle and colour.
  9. Choose stand, single or double.
  10. Choose whether you want rear carrier or not.
  11. Choose if you want basket or front carrier.
  12. Choose grips.
  13. Choose bell.
  14. Choose to upgrade to a LED headlight.
  15. Choose if you want a Brooks Challenger Tool bag.
  16. Enter any additional select parts from the list of select parts for Pilen Special or leave a message.
  17. Enter date and name.

Please note: a Private Customer cannot order Pilen bicycles from the Pilen factory directly. Pilen bicycles are machines and they need to be assembled by a professional to function properly for many years.

Download the file to your computer. PC: right click and chose "save as". MAC: press the CTRL key and click. Open the file in the latest version of Adobe Reader.