Pilen Special Edda

Tue, 2013-03-19 11:46 -- admin
Pilen Special Edda

RAL 1015

Pilen Special Edda steps right out of a Norse saga. White as snow and crusty silver with hand-polished stainless steel mudguards.

The bicycle is named after the Poetic Edda, the oldest source on Norse mythology. Colour RAL 1015. Silver carrier, rims and chain-guard. Hand-polished stainless steel mudguards. Creme Schwalbe Fat Frank.

Monterade komponenter – Mounted Components
Special Pris extra – Special Price extra: 
1000 SEK

Surcharge Special

N.B. The specified surcharge shown above is plus dealer price for a similar equipped Pilen Lyx in terms of number of gears and model of the hubs.
Komponenter tillval – Optional Components