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Pilen Sport Durapurple

Tue, 2015-03-03 17:10 -- admin
Pilen Sport Durapurple

Pilen Sport in Durapurple has a fantastic colour especially in the warm rays of the setting sun. The deep matte paint is characterized by silk gloss and beautiful reflections. The steel in the frame sings when you draw your hand over the paint.

Pilen Sport comes in single, 2, 3, 7 or 8-speed versions. It's a classic sporty bike inspired by the 70's resilient and indestructible Swedish sports bikes with stainless steel mudguards and alloy rear carrier. Pilen Sport has a more forward-leaning riding position than the Pilen Lyx – especially if you choose Sport handlebar. The Roadster handlebars give you a more relaxed, upright riding position you prefer. The Pilen Sport carrier is an in-house design in aluminium alloy by Mr Martin Avander.

All Pilen Sport shares the following components:
  • Black or hand-polished mudguards in stainless steel.
  • Aluminium alloy carrier.
  • Rotating chain-guard on the crankset ring.
  • Black or silver anodized double skinned aluminium rims.
  • Black tyres Marathon Racer 622-40 Performance line.

Pilen Sport comes equipped with Brooks most popular sport saddle: B-17. You can choose the colour of the saddle Brooks B-17: Black, Brown or Honey. Brooks B-17 comes both in men's (B-17) and women's model (B-17S, shorter).

Du you want disc brakes on your Pilen, you should take a look at Pilen Supersport.

Butted frame tubes in chrome molybdenum steel

Butted tubes

Pilen Supersport and Sport has a frame with butted tubes of chrome molybdenum steel SAE 4130 in the top pipe and down tube – thicker materials (1.2 mm) near the frame angles and welds and thinner materials (0.9 mm) in the middle of the tubes. It provides an improved relationship between weight and performance. Butted steel tubes was used in the classic racing bicycles era when the steel frames were dominant. No other manufacturer of classic utility and sport bikes in Sweden, Scandinavia or Europe uses butted frame tubes in chrome molybdenum steel.

Komponenter tillval – Optional Components