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Pilen Supersport

Thu, 2013-01-24 21:02 -- admin
Supersport Shimano Alfine 11
Supersport SLX 10 speed Speed to the left – Supersport Shimano 11 speed to the right

Disc brakes and butted chromoly frame tubes

Pilen Supersport is Pilen's most advanced classic sport bike. The most notable difference with the Sport model is that it can be equipped with disc brakes and exclusive hub Shimano Alfine 11.

It is designed for the passionate bike lover. The Super sport has a more sophisticated frame, compared to the standard Sport model, with rear vertical drop-outs which allows the use of disc brakes, brass brazed brackets for derailleur and chain tensioner.

All Pilen Supersport share

  • Bottom Bracket Tange modell LN-7922 with forged steel solid spindle, quality shielded bearings and light alloy body cup. Low friction, great feeling and maintenance free.
  • Headset Tange Levin Alloy 1500 in dural aluminium.
  • Grips Herrmans Primergo. Ergonomic grip with cork.
  • Saddle Brooks B17 in Black, Brown or Honey.
  • Bell Suzu Alloy from Crane Bells.
  • Tyres Schwalbe Marathon Racer Performance Line 40-622.
  • Hydraulic Disc Brake Shimano M615. Discs from Shimano.
  • Standard: Stainless steel mudguards, aluminium alloy carrier, lights and lock. You can opt for a Supersport bicycle without any of these standard components.

Pilen Supersport comes in two main variants in terms of rear hub and gear solution: external gears or gears built in the rear hub. Supersport with external gears, Shimano SLX 10 speed cassette with derailleur, is the quickest and lightest Supersport model. It is also the mechanically most effective technical solution with minimum drive-line friction. It suits those who can repair yourself and prioritize performance higher than maintenance free. Supersport SLX always comes with disc brakes from Shimano.

Headset from Tange

Tange Levin Alloy 1500

Pilen Supersport comes standard with an exclusive headset in duralaluminium, quality aluminum alloy A7075-T6, from legendary Japanese Tange weighing only 121 grams. The control layer has high reliability, highly polished ball bearing courses in chrome molybdenum steel, weather-proof, has drilled non-structural areas for reduced weight, is approved by NJS - (Nihon Jitensha Shinkokai) Japan Bicycle Promotion Association – and above all, has a feeling that is hard to describe but very easy to appreciate. It makes you happy. It is manufactured in Japan.

Grips Herrmans Primergo "Shark fins"

Herrmans Primergo

In the factory we call them shark fins. Some people think they look funny. Others that are spectacularly beautiful. In Primerogo's case form follows function. And they clearly have character. We think they're great. The grips, the saddle and the pedals are the interface points between rider and bicycle and is critical to get a comfortable driving position. The broad shape of the grips' outer relieves the pressure you put on you wrist and palm. This is especially important when you have a forward-leaning riding position. The larger surface area provides less pressure. Viewed from the side, the Primergo grips outer ends are teardrop-shaped, the round part of the droplet facing forward. The ecological cork makes them non-slip and cool in summer. Those who do not want Primergo handles can choose freely from the other handles that are available. But we whole-heartedly recommend them.

Crane Bell Suzu Alloy

Herrmans Primergo

Pilen Supersport is blessed with Japanese quality bell from the Rolls Royce of bell makers: Crane Bells. This model called Suzu, has spring-loaded striker arm, polished alloy bell and a beautilful tone. Never before has signalling for going out in the fast lane been such a pleasure. Optional is hand-painted bells in the same Suzu model. See our list of select parts.

Handlebars: Sport or Roadster

Styre Sport

The Sport handlebar is shaped like the new moon. It is slighly wider (605 mm) than the Sportster and is exactly horizontal (0 mm) in relation to the stem attachment point. With a Sport handlebar you ride more leaning forward as the handlebar sweeps back only 23°, and you have your knuckles more in the direction of travel. The Sport handlebar feels sporty and modern and reduces wind resistance. The Roadster handlebar is slightly narrower (595 mm) than Sport handlebar and the grips is 35 mm above the stem attachment point. You get a more upright riding position as the handlebar sweeps back 47° and the body weighs less on your arms and hands. The Roadster handlebar feels more relaxed and have a more classic look.

Butted frame tubes in chrome molybdenum steel

Butted tubes

Pilen Supersport and Sport has a frame with butted tubes of chrome molybdenum steel SAE 4130 in the top pipe and down tube – thicker materials (1.2 mm) near the frame angles and welds and thinner materials (0.9 mm) in the middle of the tubes. It provides an improved relationship between weight and performance. Butted steel tubes was used in the classic racing bicycles era when the steel frames were dominant. No other manufacturer of classic utility and sport bikes in Sweden, Scandinavia or Europe uses butted frame tubes in chrome molybdenum steel.

Supersport specification

General specification for Pilen Supersport. Applies to all Supersport models. Read more further down the page.

Frame Sports frame in chromium-molybdenum steel with TIG-welded joints and brazed details. Expensive, strong and very resilient. Butted tubes in the top tube and down tube – Butted tubing has increased thickness near the joints for strength while keeping weight low with thinner material elsewhere. Vertical drop-outs for the rear wheel allows the use of disc brakes. Brackets for chain tensioner and derailleur.
Fork Sleek and strong sports fork in chromium-molybdenum steel with cast crown and brazed legs. Direction stable, responsive and wonderfully comfortable on the road.
Saddle Brooks B17 Standard. Comes in Black, Brown and Honey.
Front hub without hub dynamo: Shimano Deore
Front hub with hub dynamo: Shimano DH-3D37-QR
Disc brakes Hydraulic Disc Brake Shimano SLX Silver.
Pedals Pilen Standard.
Bottom Bracket Maintenance-free bottom bracket from Tange model LN-7922 with forged steel solid spindle, quality shielded bearings and light alloy body cups.
Headset Tange Levin 1500 Alloy. Aluminium quality A7075-T6.
Stem Pilen Sport Standard.
Handlebar Pilen Sport or Pilen Roadster.
Grips Herrmans Primergo DD14.
Bell Crane Bell Suzu Alloy
Tyres 622-40 Schwalbe Marathon Racer Performance Line.
Standard epuipment Stainless steel mudguards, lock from Abus, aluminium carrier and aluminium stand.