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About & Map

We like to show you some of the merry Pilen bikers that we know. Furthermore, we like you to send us your own Pilen history, where you live and your best picture of your Pilen - preferably with you at its side. We can them add you to the merry bunch and get a an overview of the demographic spread pilencyklares demographic spread of Pilen bikers in Sweden and the world. Use the menu to your right or this link to list all current Pilen bikers.

Send us your story, tell us where you live, attach a picture and send it to: pilenbikers at pilencykel dot se
  • You can click on the map markers to show each merry Pile bikers.
  • You can zoom out and into the map with the zoom tools or you mouse-wheel.
There are no Pilen Bikers outside Sweden that we know of. Yet. Be the first! Send us your story!