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Bell E-ne Brass from Crane Bells

mån, 2016-04-11 16:54 -- admin
Bell E-ne Brass from Crane Bells

Brass bell. Lovely ping. Beautiful craftsmanship.

Bell diameter: 37 mm. Polished brass bell. The E-ne is positionable on top of your bars or in front. Fits bars 22.2mm to 31.8mm using a stainless steel clamp that's vinyl-dipped to prevent scratches.

To complement your Pilen, we offer optional bells by Crane Bells of Japan. Crane Bells are considered the state of the art in the bicycle world they are beautiful to behold and listen to and are hand-made with exceptional craftsmanship.

Standard – Extra
Tillval för modell – Selectable for model: 
Kostnad tillval – Extra charge: 
250 SEK