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Grips Herrmans Zeglo Dark brown leather

lör, 2012-11-24 17:44 -- admin
Grips Herrmans Dark brown Leather Zeglo
Grips Dark brown Zeglo 100B
Grips Dark brown Zeglo 100B

Add a feel of luxury to your bike. Herrmans leather grips are hand sowed in Finland out of the finest quality leather

Beautiful dark leather and rubber grips from Finnish Herrmans Oy. Very stylish.

Grips are the first part of the bike the rider touches in the shop and besides the saddle and the pedals, the grip is the third part of the bicycle which is in direct contact with the cyclist. Herrmans has a long tradition of manufacturing grips and emphasizes quality, design, ergonomics, comfort and safety. Besides fulfilling all European regulations the Herrmans grips are all PAH, LATEX and Natural Rubber free. TPE (Kraton) grips are always Phtalat free and the PVC grips are also available in Phtalat free versions.

Standard – Extra
Tillval för modell – Selectable for model: 
Kostnad tillval – Extra charge: 
280 SEK