Pilen Cykel

Pilen is the pragmatic romantic Swedish bicycle dedicated to people who follow their own path in life. It is made by a real family business in the charming village of Gamleby on Sweden's beautiful Baltic Coast.

Few models – thousand variants

Pilen bikes are available in a few basic models. The basic models can be customized into a variety of variants, called Special, where you choose how your Special model will look and be equipped. Choose color scheme and components according to your own taste. We build for you and the bike is delivered to the retailer in a timely manner – often within a few weeks.


The Lyx is a classic beauty with distinctly Scandinavian tones. It offers a pleasant ride in upright driving position facing the sun.


Pilen City is a straightforward and minimalist bike that suits every day enjoyment. Great driving experience and no frills.


The GT is a brisk bike with a long pleasant aftertaste. You'll be enjoying an a more forward-leaning driving position.


The GTV is a snappy and exclusive bike with hydraulic disc brakes and 10 or 11 gears. A very stylish and elegant ride.


The EL1 is Pilen's stylish electric bike featuring a Shimano mid-drive engine and an clean honest design with beautiful lines.

Lyx Special

Build your own personal Lyx Special with select parts and coloring.

City Special

Build your own personal City Special with select parts and coloring.

GT Special

Build your own personal GT Special with select parts and coloring.

GTV Special

Build your own personal GTV Special with select parts and coloring.

EL1 Special

Build your own personal EL1 Special with select parts and coloring.

Built for lovely bicycling

Pilen's bikes are built in the spirit of old fine Swedish engineering tradition where the joy of driving, safety and carefree ownership are the guiding stars. Nothing is left to chance.

Beautiful and well-equipped



From 6385 SEK

plus shipping and handling

Agile and pleasant



From 6195 SEK

plus shipping and handling

Sporty frisky and fun



From 6995 SEK

plus shipping and handling

Exclusive with disc brakes



From 9935 SEK

plus shipping and handling

Lighthearted Electric Bike



From 25995 SEK

plus shipping and handling

Built for a good driving experience

What distinguishes a Pilen from other utility bikes?

A strong and resilient frame
TIG-welded frame in chromium-molybdenum steel grade 4130 or alloy 6061 T6. More expensive and performing metal grades. Brazed details. The frame is both stronger and more flexible with heightened driving experience. Go for a ride and feel the difference. The Pilen is both strong and resilient.
Quality bottom bracket

The heart of every Pilen bike is a maintenance-free bottom bracket from Tange model with forged steel solid spindle, quality shielded bearings and light alloy body cups. Great spinning, more efficient power transmission, broader smile and better driving experience.

Stainless materials

Fenders, stems and posts, carrier clamps, bolts and nuts are of stainless steel or aluminium. It looks smashing and gives a maintenance-free ownership.

Brooks leather saddles
The Pilens bikes are or can be equipped with exclusive leather saddles from English Brooks. The saddle requires care, but offers unbeatable seat comfort. It's is beautiful and has a long life.
Super strong 28 wheels
Pilen bikes have double bottomed aluminium rims, targeted spoke holes, eyelets and strong spokes in stainless steel. The wheels are built and trued in-house.
An extraordinary fork
Elegant fork with crisp cast crown and lugged brazed fork legs in chrome-molybdenum 4130. It is precise and responsive and feels both smooth and safe.

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Built for lovely bicycling

The construction is well thought out and the use of stainless materials as far as it goes a matter of principle.

The story of a beautiful Swedish bike with clean lines and stylish design
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Locally grown ladies and gents

We are few but filled with love to the noble art of bicycle craftsmanship

Martin Avander

Constructor, founder, welder, assembler and all-in-one. Blazing footwork and stellar handiness. Soft spot for evening sandwiches. 

Louise Avander

The company's heart, founder, assembler, marketeer and brand painter. Local brewed girl. Outstanding chef. 

Camilla Strid

Graceful and multiskilled assembler. A walking sunshine that works in tailwind. Good on bad jokes.

Martin Pettersson

Powerful wheel builder and assembler. Resourceful and a problem solver. Never late for breakfast.

Hans Axelsson

Our rolling salesman. Sharp tongue and a big heart. Knows everything about bikes, mopeds and cars.

Magnus Tamelander

Creative director. Appetite for bicycles and a fiery temper. Handy with the camera and the web.

Topnotch ingredients

Nice bikes are built with nice components. Pilen equips their bikes thinking about the customers.