Our bikes

Pilen is a beautiful bicycle with elegance, distinctly Swedish and with sturdy resilience

Pilen manufactures classical, very genuine and honest utility bicycles with exclusive chrome-molybdenum steel frames. You will never forget the feeling of a Pilen Bicycle. Safe and resilient. The bicycles are wholeheartedly rust protected and components are selected with expertise and experience. A bicycle from Pilen is often a life-long companion. Are you ready to fall in love? We recommend a test drive.

Pilen Lyx

Pilen Lyx is a Swedish-built stylish and durable roadster utility bicycle. A classic beauty with distinctly Scandinavian tones for city commuting and gravel road exploring. It offers a pleasant ride in upright driving position facing the sun. Features the gorgeous Brooks B66 leather saddle with spring suspension.

Pilen City

Pilen City is a new graceful step-through bicycle. A humble and neat Swedish-built utility city-bike with basket and comfortable upright riding position. It features a low entry frame, great driving experience and very decently set price tag. It fits the day-to-day biker with a youthful mind who wants a elegant modest bike.

Pilen GT

Pilen GT is a roadster bicycle with classic lines. A charming and lively Swedish-built bike for leisure riding in style or smooth speckless commuting.  You’ll be enjoying an a more forward-leaning driving position. Equipped with a genuine Brooks B17 leather saddle. Ladies models can be equipped with basket.

Pilen GTV

Pilen GTV is our new exclusive roadster bicycle with hydraulic disc brakes and derailleur 10 or Shinamo Alfine 11 gears. An extravagant Swedish-built top notch utility city bike. Equipped with the legendary Brooks B17 leather saddle. Thus you and your bike will will become a very stylish and handsome couple.

Pilen EL1

Pilen EL1 is our first electric bike with lovely clean honest design and beautiful sweeping lines. The EL1 has its own very personal Swedish functional style and comfortable upright riding position. The Pilen EL1 unique electric bike with Pilen’s quality and a very pleasant driving experience.