Deluxe Steel Grand Tourer Bike

Pilen GTV

Pilen GTV is our most exclusive classic vintage touring bicycle with 11 gears and a lively crome-moly steel frame. The GTV is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and Shimano 11 gears.

Highlights and Features

GT for Grand Tourer

Pilen GTV breathes confidence, and is a well-built and elegant bicycle. You ride in style, safely and comfortable as befits a grand tourer.

11 gears

The GTV is equipped with the Shimano Deore 11 gears.

Hydraulic disc brakes

Pilen GTV is equipped with Shimano Deore hydraulic disc brakes front and rear.

Forward driving position

Pilen GTV has a more forward driving position. Choose between several stems and different handlebars.

Swedish-built quality

The bikes are built in our factory in Gamleby with components both local and international.

Fork for disc brakes

Fork chrome-moly 4130 with cast fork crown, brass brazed legs and mounts for disc brake.

Steel frame cromoly 4130

Pilen GTV has a resilient and strong frame with TIG-welded butted steel tubes in chrome-moly steel SEA 4130 for speed and agility.

Super resilient wheels

Double-bottomed rims with eyelets, directional spoke holes, stainless spokes and spoke nuts. Schwalbe Racer 40-622 tyres.

Fully equipped

The Pilen bikes have approved lighting, reflectors and lock from Abus.

Exquisite rust protection

Pilen bikes are built for a rough climate and have extra good rust and weather protection.

Sporty saddle

Saddle Montegrappa Canard faux leather is standard. Brooks B17 leather saddle is optional.

Dual bottle mounts

The GTV frame has double brazed mounts for bottle holders,

Specification, Options and Prices

    1. Exclusive frame with steep angles built with tubes in chromium-molybdenum steel grade 4130. A more expensive and more resilient steel grade that after welding is heat-treated to restore the metal’s strongest crystalline structure and making the weld joints become one with the frame. The frame is light, strong and more flexible with increased driving experience. The frame is welded with TIG welding. A slow hard welding technique that produces strong thin joints. The frame details are brazed with brass band. True craftsmanship is beautiful and provides the best driving skills.
    2. The frame’s top tube is double butted with dimensions 0.9 mm – 0.6 – 0.9 mm.
    3. Elegant fork with cast steel crown. Fork legs in chrome molybdenum steel 4130. Fork legs are brazed to the cast fork. Very precise and responsive.
    4. Hydraulic disc brakes Shimano Deore front and rear. Effective braking effect.
    5. Headset Tange Levin Alloy 1500 in dural aluminium.
    6. Crane Bell Suzu Alloy. Spring lever, polished bell house and nice tone.
    7. Very strong wheels with double bottomed alloy rims, targeted spoke holes, eyelets and strong spokes in stainless steel. Rear wheel got butted spokes for extra strength.
    8. Maintenance-free bottom bracket from Tange model LN-7922 with forged steel solid spindle, quality shielded bearings and light alloy body cups. Just lovely feeling and spin.
    9. Stainless steel 18.8 mudguards, struts, carrier clamps and all nuts and bolts. Alloy seat post and stem.
    10. Saddle Canard faux leather in Black, Brown or Honey. As option a Brooks B17 leather saddle in Black, Brown or Honey.
    11. Brazed on mounts for bottle holders on both the down tube and seat tube. Perfect for touring.
    12. Elegant carrier in alloy.
    13. Grips Herrmans Primergo cork.

  • Saddle Montegrappa Canard faux leather in Black, Brown or Honey.
  • As option saddle Brooks B17 leather in Black, Brown or Honey.
  • Mudguards stainless steel. Choose between black powder painted or matte polished clean.
  • Rotating chain guard front (not covering the chain).
  • Tyres black Schwalbe Marathon Racer Performance Line 622-35 with reflex sides.
  • Grips Herrmans Primergo Cork.
  • Crane Bell Suzu Alloy.
  • Stand Atran Moove Alloy.
  • ABUS Amparo 485 high security lock.
  • Approved lighting.
  • Handlebars Roadster.
  • Front hub with disc brake and hub dynamo. Alternatively hub with disc brake without dynamo and battery headlight.
Pilen GTV model
Magnus 2024-04-26
Deore 11, hydr. disc brakesBrooks B17 leather14895
Deore 11, hydr. disc brakes, hub dynamoBrooks B17 leather15395
Deore 11, hydr. disc brakesMontegrappa Canard faux leather13795
Deore 11, hydr. disc brakes, hub dynamoMontegrappa Canard faux leather14295
All prices are recommended retailer prices and shipping and handling fees might apply.
Edited 2024-04-29 Magnus
ColorsPilen GTV comes in Black RAL 9005, Red RAL 3004, Green RAL 6005 (lady), Creme RAL 1015 (lady), Durablue and Duragreen. With silver Pilen badge.
FrameSize: 57,5 cm. TIG-welded frame in chromium-molybdenum steel grade 4130 in all tubes for optimum elasticity, comfort and durability. Double butting in top and down tube. Brazed-on details. Vertical dropouts for disc brakes.
ForkChrome-molybdenum SAE 4130 cast fork crown and brazed fork legs.
MudguardsStainless steel. Choose between black powder painted or matte polished unpainted.
Front hub w/o dynamoShimano Deore
Front hub with dynamoShimano DH-3D37-QR
BrakesHydraulic disc brake Shimano front and rear.
PedalsPilen Standard
Bottom Bracket and CranksetMaintenance-free bottom bracket from Tange model LN-7922 with forged steel solid spindle, quality shielded bearings and light alloy body cups. Alloy Crankset.
HeadsetTange Levin 1500 Alloy. Duraluminium. Heat-treated Cr-Mo ball races. Super Stone Polish on every ball races. Drilled non-structual areas for reduced weight. Fully Sealed Mechanism. Dural aluminium grade A7075-T6. Weight 121 grams.
StemHumpert pointing down, 60, 80, 100 or up 80.
HandlebarsHumpert roadster
GripsHerrmans Primergo DD14
BellCrane Bells Suzu Alloy
TyresMarathon Racer Performance Line 35-622. With puncture protection. Max inflate 6,5 bar.
Rims28 inches (19-622) double bottomed aluminium rims, targeted spoke holes, eyelets and strong spokes in stainless steel. Choose between Black or silver anodized aluminium.
SpokesSapim Stainless steel 2 mm. Butted in the rear wheel.
CarrierSlender and strong aluminium alloy carrier. Width 145 mm.
LockABUS Shield 565 with safetylevel 9.
SaddleBrooks B17 in real leather. Comes in Black, Brown or Honey. Alternatively saddle Selle Montegrappa Canard in faux leather.
Headlight alt 1Spanninga Brio with LED bulb 15 Lux. Requires dynamo.
Headlight alt 2Axa Basta Microscope. Battery light.
Rear lightVena from Spanninga with on/off function.
ReflexesReflex sides in tyres and in lights.


Model GTV
Saddle Brooks B17
Saddle S M Corsa
Updated 2024-04-26 Magnus
Deore 11 Gears14.2 kg14 kg
Deore 11 Gears and Hub dynamo14.6 kg14.4 kg
Weight including battery light, lock, mudguards and package holder.

A Driving Experience Most Generous

Exclusive Touring Bicycle

Pilen GTV – our top model – built to be a stylish and exclusive classic bicycle features a new more sophisticated and lighter frame. The GTV (Grand Tourer Vertical) is an extraordinarily dashing and enjoyable Swedish-built touring and city bike that will turn heads. Daily cruises or work commuting will be a stylish and fast-paced pleasure. The bike is solidly built, lively yet reliable and beautiful to behold. And you can customise it to your hearts desire: a Pilen GTV Special.

In every detail

Pilen GTV features front and rear Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and 11 derailleur gears. The new GTV frame is built with double-butted tubing in chrome-moly steel and heat-treated after welding for added strength and resilience. The GTV has rear vertical dropouts (hence its name GTV: Grand Tourer Vertical) which is required for disc brakes. The frame fittings and mounts for derailleur, bottle and wiring are brazed. The strong Pilen wheels are built with extra strong stainless spokes, stainless eyelets, double walled rims and Schwalbe Marathon Racer.

Well-equipped out of the box

Shimano SLX derailleur and cassette 10

Shimano SLX 11

Pilen GTV with Shimano SLX 11 features a 11 gear cassette sprocket with a wide range of gearings and a smoothly working SLX derailleur shifter. External gears requires some periodic maintenance to keep it working perfectly.


Frame Cromo 4130

The Pilen GTV has a new both stonger and lighter frame built with double-butted chromoly tubings 4130 and has brazed on fittings and bottle mounts.


Front hub choice 1

Shimano front hub DH-3D37-QR for disc brake with internal generator which powers the head light with 6V 3W.


Front hub choice 2

Front hub Shimano Deore for disc brake. No in-built generator. The bike is fitted with a battery head light.


Bottom bracket Tange

Tange modell LN-7922 with fully CNC machined Cr-Mo hollow axle with shielded quality bearings and alloy body. Exquisite performance and maintenance-free.


Headset Tange Alloy 1500

Lightweight and strong duraluminum alloy construction. Heat-treated Cr-Mo ball races. Super Stone Polish on every ball races.

Bell Suzu Alloy

The GTV is fitted with stylish Suzu Alloy bell from Japanese Crane Bells. Beautiful workmanship with alloy bell, brass nut and spring lever.


Grips DD14

Ergonomic grips Herrmans Primergo DD14 with cork and pleasant extra support for your palms during long enjoyable rides.

Marathon Racer Tyres

Tyres Schwalbe Racer

Schwalbe Racer Performance Line 35-622. Low rolling resistance and good puncture protection. Can be inflated to 6,5 bar.

Pedal Marwi SP-2150

Pedals Marvi SP-2150

One piece aluminium body. Cr-Mo steel axle. Bearing cartridge + bushing system. Size: 99 x 72 mm. Weight: 314 gram/pair.

More quality standard equipment

All Pilen GTV bicycles are equipped and delivered with stainless fenders, a sleek yet strong alloy carrier, approved lightning and an Abus quality rear wheel immobiliser lock.

Customise a GTV Special

A good bike should make enjoy every ride, feel proud of and have a good relationship with – aesthetically, technically and economically. That’s why Pilen embraces the customers’ creativity. The customer gets his personal Pilen to enjoy and Pilen gets to sell more beautiful Pilen bikes.

GTV Special is a customised GTV where you have selected paint job and parts to your own liking. Single colour bicycles with white or brown tyres are popular. You kan choose:

  • Single coloured bike or a custom composition with fenders in any standard Pilen colour.
  • Nitto stems and handlebars.
  • Shimano SPD-M234 pedals.
  • Brown or Creme tyres.
  • Schwalbe Kojak tyres.
  • Leather saddle Brooks B7 or B17 Special
  • Exclusive bells from Japanese Crane Bells.

You must order a GTV Special though your Pilen retailer. Some delivery time might apply.

Why ride a Pilen?

The first and foremost argument is no doubt that you get a lot of bike for the buck. The Pilen only has but a few employees, and everyone in the company is able to build a bicycle with quality in the smallest detail. The bicycles are built at a lean production line that the Pilen folks built entirely on their own – a line that is subject to constant improvement.You can choose the equipment level on all models. If you want a bike with just the bare necessities or spend a little extra, you have the chance to compose your own personal bike. Compare the Pilen’s driving experience and the equipment level with other bicycle brands. The bike feels neater and more lively.