Pilen Lyx

Classic Vintage Steeel City Bicycle

The Lyx is a classic steel bicycle beauty distinctly Scandinavian. A city bicycle for commuting and gravel road exploring. It offers a pleasant upright ride facing the sun.

  • Upright driving position
  • Gears in hub
  • Resilient wheels
  • Wide comfy saddle
  • Frame chrome-moly SAE 4130
  • Approved lock Abus
  • Approved lightning
  • Excellent rust protection
  • Customise as Lyx Special
  • Comes in all Pilen standard colours

Lovely bicycling

Pilen Lyx is a Swedish-built stylish and durable classic steel roadster utility city bicycle. A pragmatic romantic vintage bicycle with comfortable upright riding position. The Lyx features an extraordinarily comfortable ride that you simply have to experience.

The Pilen bikes are painstakingly designed in the smallest detail, resistant to rust and environmentally friendly painted. The steel frame is TIG-welded in chromium-molybdenum SAE 4130 and has brazed details. Function and form comes together in carefree maintenance and classical elegance. Are you ready to fall in love?

In every detail

Low-maintenance hub gears and brakes combined with handlebar shift, back-pedal coaster rear brake (with a hand operated brake option available) and a super-comfortable Brooks leather saddle.The bicycle is supplied with a substantial load-bearing rear carrier with hand painted Pilen logo. It has powder coated steel mudguards and chain guard, front dynamo and rear LED lights, a frame-fitted rear wheel immobiliser lock and a special Pilen bell. The Lady’s model has a low step-through swan frame and front fitted basket as standard. The Lyx comes in 1, 3, 7 and 8 gears.

Pilen Lyx Features

You're riding face forward and can smile to those you meet
You can load your mother-in-law but not her huge suitcase
You ride your Pilen at exorbitant speeds and love to overtake other bicyclists
Price level
A Swedish built bicycle with grand components is worth it

Why ride a Pilen?

The first and foremost argument is no doubt that you get a lot of bike for the buck. The Pilen only has but a few employees, and everyone in the company is able to build a bicycle with quality in the smallest detail. The bicycles are built at a lean production line that the Pilen folks built entirely on their own – a line that is subject to constant improvement.

You can choose the equipment level on all models. If you want a bike with just the bare necessities or spend a little extra, you have the chance to compose your own personal bike. Compare the Pilen's driving experience and the equipment level with other bicycle brands. The bike feels neater and more lively.

Pilen Lyx as a branded bike

Pilen Lyx is an excellent choice as a branded bike for a company or organisation. We fit a sign to the carrier and you can have it in your brand's colour.

Ladies colours

Gents colours

Customise a lyx and get a lyx special

Truth be told, we sell precious few bicycles as standards compared to the number of Specials that rolls out the factory door. A good bike is something you should enjoy, feel proud of and have a good relationship with – aesthetically, technically and economically. That’s why Pilen embraces the customers’ creativity. It makes sense for everyone involved. The customer gets his personal Pilen to enjoy and Pilen gets to sell more beautiful Pilen bikes. 

The Lyx Special is a Lyx where you have selected paint job and parts to your own liking. Single colour bicycles with white or brown tyres are popular. You kan choose:

  • Single coloured bike or a custom composition with fenders, carrier, chain-guard in any standard Pilen colour.
  • Silver anodised or red power painted rims.
  • Brown or Creme tyres. Schwalbe Fat Frank or Big Apple.
  • Leather saddle Brooks B66, B17 or B17.
  • Exclusive bells from Japanese Crane Bells.
  • A selection of baskets and carriers.

You must order a Lyx Special though your Pilen retailer. Some delivery time might apply.

A selection of Lyx Specials

More delightful details

  1. Frame tubes in chrome-molybdenum steel grade 4130. A more expensive steel grade. The frame becomes stronger and more flexible with better driving experience. Take it for a spin and feel the difference. The frame is welded with TIG welding, a slow and advanced welding technique that produces strong thin joints. The frame details are brazed. True craftsmanship is beautiful and gives the best driving experience.
  2. Elegant fork with cast steel crown. Fork legs in chrome molybdenum steel 4130. Fork legs are brazed to the cast fork. Very precise and responsive..
  3. Very strong wheels with double bottomed alloy rims, targeted spoke holes, eyelets and strong spokes in stainless steel. Rear wheel got butted spokes for extra strength.
  4. Maintenance-free bottom bracket from Tange model LN-7922 with forged steel solid spindle, quality shielded bearings and light alloy body cups. Just lovely feeling and spin.
  5. Stainless steel 18.8 mudguards, struts, seat post, stem, carrier clamps and all nuts and bolts.
  6. Sturdy yet elegant carrier in chrome molybdenum tubing with stainless steel clamps and hand-painted badge.
  7. Wide and comfy faux leather saddle. Optional is genuine Brooks leather saddle with spring suspension in Black, Brown or Honey.

  • Wide saddle Montegrappa Future in faux leather with spring suspension. Black, Brown or Honey.
  • Option is saddle Brooks B66 in genuine leather with spring suspension. Black, Brown or Honey.
  • Frame in TIG welded chrome-molybdenum high grade steel with brazed details.
  • Black mudguards stainless steel. Powder coated.
  • Black carrier chrome-molybdenum tubing with hand painted badge.
  • Black chain cover chromated steel.
  • Black anodized alloy rims.
  • Black Schwalbe Citizen 47×622 with reflex sides.
  • Stainless steel bell with Pilen badge.
  • Black grips.
  • Side stand Atran zinked steel.
  • Abus security class 8 lock Amparo 485.
  • Front and rear lighting with reflexes.
  • Hub dynamo built in the front hub powering the head light. Optional is hub without dynamo and battery head light.

The Pilen costs a little more because it is much more bike. The prices are competitive and the bikes are good value when you compare what you get. The lovely driving experience, quality of the frame, the fine bottom bracket, the leather saddles and the thoughtful design give you many carefree, joyful years of ownership. For customers outside Sweden shipping, currency exchange rates and customs are factors. If you can’t convince a local bike shop to stock Pilen you can send us a message and we’ll offer you a quote.

Pilen Lyx model
Magnus 2020-10-23
Lyx 1, coaster brake rear, roller brake hub dynamo frontBrooks B66 leather7995
Lyx 3, coaster brake rear, roller brake hub dynamo frontBrooks B66 leather8595
Lyx 7, coaster brake rear, roller brake hub dynamo frontBrooks B66 leather9295
Lyx 7, rullbroms bak, rullbroms och navdynamo framBrooks B66 leather9495
Lyx 1, coaster brake rear, roller brake hub dynamo frontFuture faux leather7195
Lyx 3, coaster brake rear, roller brake hub dynamo frontFuture faux leather7795
Lyx 7, coaster brake rear, roller brake hub dynamo frontFuture faux leather8495
Lyx 7, rullbroms bak, rullbroms och navdynamo framFuture faux leather8695
Prices are in SEK (kr). Shipping and handling not included.
All prices are recommended retailer prices and shipping and handling fees might apply.
Pilen Lyx Specification
2017-08-09 Louise
ColorsPilen Lyx comes in Black RAL 9005, Red RAL 3004, Blue RAL 5001, Dark Green RAL 6005, Creme RAL 1015, Orange RAL 2000, Silver, Pale blue RAL 5024, Pale green RAL 6021, Orange RAL 2000, Durablack, Durablue and Duragreen. Lyx Lady's model also comes in Red RAL 3002 and White RAL 9003. With Pilen silver badge.
FrameHeight Ladies: 54 cm. Height Gents: 56,5 cm. Chrome-molybdenum SAE 4130 in all tubes for optimum elasticity, comfort and durability. Powder coated.
ForkChrome-molybdenum SAE 4130 cast fork crown and brazed fork legs.
MudguardsStainless steel black powder painted.
Bottom Bracket and CranksetMaintenance-free bottom bracket from Tange model LN-7922 with forged steel solid spindle, quality shielded bearings and light alloy body cups. Alloy Crankset.
Chain and cover108 links anti rust protected chain. The chain guard has a layer of zink before powder coating.
Gear ratio44:20
Hub rear alt. 1Shimano one-gear. Coaster brake.
Hub rear alt. 2Shimano Nexus Inter 3. Coaster brakes. Handlebar Gripshift.
Hub rear alt. 3Shimano Nexus Inter 7. Coaster brakes. Handlebar Gripshift.
Hub rear alt. 4Shimano Nexus Inter 7. Roller brakes. Handlebar Gripshift. Front and rear brakes on handlebar.
Hub rear alt. 5Shimano Nexus Inter 8. Roller brakes. Handlebar Gripshift. Front and rear brakes on handlebar.
Front hub alt. 1Shimano DH-2R35-E- with hub dynamo powering the head light. Roller brakes Shimano BR-IM45.
ShiftingHandlebar grip shift rear side.
TiresSchwalbe Citizen 47-622 with Puncture Protection. For heavy persons (+85) kg we recommend Schwalbe Big Apple.
Rims28 inches (19-622) double bottomed aluminium rims, targeted spoke holes, eyelets and strong spokes in stainless steel. Black anodized aluminium.
SpokesSapim Stainless steel 2.36 mm butted in the rear wheel.
Basket/Front carrierBlack basket wire model on ladies.
Rear CarrierStable carrier made of steel tubing with stainless steel clamps. Painted black.
LockABUS high security lock (class 8).
BrakesCoaster brake rear hub alt. 1-3. Handlebars brakes on roller brake hubs.
SaddleBrooks B66 leather with spring suspension. Available in colors: Black, Brown and Honey. Alternative is Montegrappa Future in synthetic leather with spring suspension.
Headlight ManBusch & Müller Lumotec Retro N with 2.4 watts H3-lamp.
Headlight LadyBusch & Müller Lumotec basic with 2.4 watts H3-lamp.
Rear LightLED. Automatic light activated by low light and movement. From Spanninga.
ReflectorsReflex sides on the tires, in the rear and front lamp and on the basket (ladies model).
BellStainless steel with Pilen badge.
GripsBlack environmental friendly TPE (Kraton) from Herrmans.


Pilen Lyx model
Saddle Brooks B66
Saddle Future
Updated 2020-03-11
Ladies 1C19.1kg18.7kg
Ladies 3C19.5kg19.1kg
Ladies 7C20.3kg19.9kg
Ladies 7RB20.6kg20.2kg
Ladies 8RB20.9kg20.5kg
Gents 1C17.7kg17.3kg
Gents 3C18.1kg17.7kg
Gents 7C18.9kg18.5kg
Gents 7RB19.2kg18.8kg
Gents 8RB19.5kg19.1kg

Beautiful and usable extra options Pilen Lyx Special to cater for your personal wishes and needs.

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