A bike needs care and maintenance like any healthy friendship. Your Pilen Cykel will last and be neat longer if you take care of it. Keep in mind that it is a vehicle and should therefore be checked regularly to ensure safety. Pay attention to noise and rattling. It is a very good idea to regularly hand in the bike to a professional for service and inspection.

First service after 300 km

After one month of use or about 300 km, all screws should be checked and tightened and functional parts reviewed

Keep the chain lubricated

The chain should be well lubricated. Use oil or chain spray. The tension of the chain should allow 10-20 mm movement.

Inflate your tyres well

The tyres should have the correct air pressure for the bike to roll easily and avoid tyre punctures. Max pressure is indicated on the tyre side. Replace worn tyres.

Care for your saddle

Grease the leather saddle and take care of it like a nice pair of leather shoes. First, it’s hard but will soon become supple and pleasant.

Cleanliness is a virtue

Keep the bike clean and free from salt to avoid rust, especially around hubs, brakes and bottom bracket. Keep the bicycle under roof and locked.

Wash carefully

Do not wash the bicycle with high water pressure, as hubs and bearings may be damaged. Do not use degreasers or solvents on the paint.