Good Rotations

Good Rotations is a trilogy made up of a website, an online shop and a real shop in Wanaka, set up by a team of two: Matt and Babu. The website is designed to showcase bicycles as a practical mode of transport, and encourage folk to use bicycles more in every day journeys.In the online shop you will find a selection of bikes for sale, but we can order many more for you.
Our small shop in Wanaka is open from Wednesday afternoon to Saturday midday. Drop in for a chat, try out our bikes or browse our parts and accessories. We’re adding more all the time! We started imagining a place where people used bicycles not just for sport (which many people do already), but also for all their local journeys: be it for getting themselves from A to B, transporting the smaller members of the family, getting in the full weeks shopping, to moving heavy loads and doing business.
This isn’t just a dream – it already exists in many towns and cities around the world. In Copenhagen for example, over 40% of all journeys are made by bicycle year round!
We think this is something worthwhile aiming for and we’d like to help make it reality in the place we live, with the hope that the obvious benefits of using bicycles for transport: health, economic, environmental, social and just having fun, will spread!

Good Rotations
34 Anderson Road
9305 Wanaka
New Zealand
Phone: (+64) 03 443 4349