About Pilen Cykel

Glada Pilencyklare

Pilen bicycles is about love – for cycling, craftsmanship, material and bicyclists

The roots of the Pilen bicycle go back to the childhood of founder Martin Avander. He often wondered about how modify and improve his own bikes and stop them rusting. Martin was the type of child who is not satisfied with just asking and getting an easy answer. He needed to understand, improve and create his own solutions. Amongst his friends he was the one who fixed the others’ bikes in his father’s garage. Later In 1998, Martin met Louise from and together they founded Pilen Cykel AB in Småland Sweden.The factory was later transferred to Målilla where Martin spent his school holidays working on the family farm. For the first time, it was better for Pilen, and production was combined other activities like German teaching, and sales of mushrooms, tractors and of course bicycles in the local markets and squares. It was a simple but rich life that is still present in the values and design of the stylish and functional Pilen bicycle. As the reputation of Pilen’s spread, business improved.The stainless steel key to Pilen’s success is the efficient and customized production line that we built entirely from the ground up and constantly improving. Added to the team’s passion, and personal commitment, obsessive interest in bikes and components together with the dying skills of, welding, turning, milling coupled with a creative and methodical mindset.Close attention to detail in setting and programming the advanced echo and directional machines, setting up workstations with hydraulic tools for torque drawing and assembly of components are part of a slim and highly efficient process that can be handled by a few highly skilled employees. Pilen has only a few employees and everyone in the company can build a bicycle of quality into the smallest detail.In the summer of 2016, wanting to close to the beautiful Baltic work and closer to the family base the Avander family moved to Västervik and the relocated the factory to nearby Gamleby. Today, Martin, Louise and two employees make about 2,000 bikes a year. The customer can choose coloring and components according to their own taste and taste. They have fulfilled their dream – a small-scale bike factory near the sea in beautiful Småland with personally hand-made quality cycles that speak to the heart. And there is always room in the warm community of happy Pilen riders who grow more tight-knit every year. Come on in! You’re Welcome!
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