Pilen EL1

Delightful Well-built Electric Bike

The Pilen EL1 is an electric bike with lovely clean honest design and beautiful sweeping lines. A unique electric bike with Pilen's quality and a very pleasant driving experience.

Pleasant and trustworthy

The Pilen EL1 is our first electric bike and, in the usual manner we have designed an electric bike that is different from others on the market since it is both enjoyable, balanced and trustworthy to drive. The EL1 has its own very personal Swedish functional style and comfortable upright riding position. The bike has extra low instep that fits everyone without compromising stability and driving experience.

The electric bike as a means of transportation is growing in popularity when you want to commute, bike shopping and avoid going by car or bus. The life as a cyclist becomes more pleasurable with electric assistance in headwind, uphill and you managing to avoid breaking a sweat. The electric bike has also become the favorite among people whose fitness level is subpar and for exploration touring. Picking up the children at kindergarten will be a pure pleasure. And it always feels good to care for nature and not contribute to pollution and noise.

Disc brake and thru-axle
Hydraulic disc brake and thru-axle.
The EL1 is equipped with effective hydraulic disc brake front and has a coaster brake rear. The front hub has a 15 mm through-axle for extra safety. Good brakes are extra important for an electric bike because your average speed will be higher. Also if you drive in hilly terrain and with heavy loads, effective brakes are mandatory. The Pilen EL1 is a faithful friend that you can trust. Pilen EL1 8+ is for extra security fitted with hydraulic disc brakes both front and rear plus a rear coaster brake. ​

In every detail

The Pilen EL1 is generous with driving pleasure, security and carefree ownership thanks to the thoughtful design and selection of premium components. We chose to build the frame in 6061 T6 extra strong aluminum alloy and combine it with the an exclusive electric drive solution.
Shimano E6100
Shimano DU-6100.

The powerhouse in the EL1 is the 50 Nm strong electric motor Shimano E-6100 mid-drive which provides immediate assistance to the pedals. Assistance is available in three different modes: High, Normal and Eco. Assist mode is controlled with the right thumb control on the handlebars.

The electric motor with its gear box operates at the same RPM as you are pedaling and the power from the engine is transmitted to the crank arms. You change gears as usual to get a desired pedaling resistance. Compared to an electric motor in a hub, a mid-drive electric motor like the E-6100 is much stronger at all speeds (up to 25 / h) and also safer as the engine instantly senses and stops driving when you stop pedaling.

The bike is equipped with the Shimano BT-6010: a powerful battery that depending on assistance mode, biker weight and possible cargo assists between 90 and 180 kilometers. The battery is mounted in the center of the frame to make the bike well balanced. The battery is easy to remove so you do not have to leave it outside. The EL1 is also good to pedal without electric assistance, for example. if you want to save the battery in good tailwinds or wish work on your fitness level.

The Pilen bikes offers you maximum driving pleasure and carefree ownership. They are always equipped with approved lighting, approved lock and sports a very good rust protection.

Pilen EL1 Black RAL 9005
Pilen EL1 Black RAL 9005. The bicycle shown is equipped with extra select parts.


You're riding face forward and can smile to those you meet.
You can load your mother-in-law and her huge suitcase.
You like riding at a steady pace up- and downhill and in style
Price level
A Swedish built electric bicycle with grand components is worth a lot.

Pilen EL1 comes in seven versions

The Pilen EL1 is available in seven different versions with three different rear hubs. They all come with front hydraulic disc brakes and coaster brakes. The EL1 7C has the very reliable Shimano 7 gears hub and coaster brake. The EL1 8C is equipped with the Shimano Nexus 8 gears with coaster brake and you have the option for rear hydraulic disc brake (EL1 8C +). The Pilen EL1 Di2 8 has the Shimano Nexus 8 Di2 hub with electronically controlled gear-shifting which is operated with a button control on the handlebars. The Di2’s shifting mechanism is powered by the electric bike battery. Warning: once you’ve tried electronic shifting you will never want anything else! The EL1 Di2 8 can be equipped with rear disc brake (+) and be with or without coaster brake.

Shimano Nexus 7
EL1 7 C
Shimano Nexus 8
EL1 8 C
Shimano Nexus 8 skivbroms
EL1 8 C +
Shimano Nexus 8 skivbroms
EL1 8 +
Shimano Nexus 8 Di2 skivbroms
EL1 Di2 8 C +
Shimano Nexus 8 Di2
EL1 Di2 8 C
Shimano Nexus 8 Di2 skivbroms
EL1 Di2 8 +

EL1 version
Rear hub
Coaster brake
Front disc brake
Rear disc brake
EL1 7CShimano Nexus 7YesYesNo
EL1 8CShimano Nexus 8YesYesNo
EL1 8C +Shimano Nexus 8YesYesYes
EL1 8 +Shimano Nexus 8NoYesYes
EL1 Di2 8CShimano Di2 8YesYesNo
EL1 Di2 8C +Shimano Di2 8YesYesYes
EL1 Di2 8 +Shimano Di2 8NoYesYes

Pilen EL1
Pilen EL1 7 Black RAL9005 standard equipment.

Superb construction and premium components

The battery is fitted to the frame to create a harmonious balance for the whole vehicle when ridden: the balance of the bike when you are sitting on the saddle. The center of mass is placed in the center and as low as possible.
Frame and drive line Pilen EL1 CAD.
Thus the EL1 feels both exciting, fun and safe. Compare the EL1 to an electric bicycle with the battery on the carrier and the electric motor in the hub and feel the difference. Moreover, this difference is felt even stronger when you load the bike with luggare. The balance of the bicycle is not just a matter of driving, but indeed a security issue. A balanced bicycle is easier to brake to a stop and is less complicated to handle when you turn and brake – especially when you have a heavy load.
The frame is built and TIG welded with a light and strong alloy of aluminum, magnesium and silicon called 6061 T6 (where T6 is the temper grade). After welding, the alloy has been adversely affected by the difference between the heat of welded joints and surrounding cold metal and to restore the good material properties of the T6 temper, the frame is heat treated at 500 degrees and then cooled. Then the crystals are harmonized throughout the frame and the material recovers its desired temper grade T6.

The frame’s central tube is deliberately oversized and extra strong in the S-shaped frame bend so that forces from the rider and from the crank and motor connect to the head tube at nearly 90 degrees. The result is a frame that feels safe but at the same time lively – a distinctive feature of all of Pilen’s models.

Customise an EL1 and get an EL1 Special

Truth be told, we sell precious few bicycles as standards compared to the number of Specials that rolls out the factory door. A good bike is something you should enjoy, feel proud of and have a good relationship with – aesthetically, technically and economically. That’s why Pilen embraces the customers’ creativity. It makes sense for everyone involved. The customer gets his personal Pilen to enjoy and Pilen gets to sell more beautiful Pilen bikes.

The EL1 Special is a EL1 where you have selected paint job and parts to your own liking. Single colour bicycles with white or brown tyres are popular. You kan choose:

  • Single coloured bike or a custom composition with fenders, chain-guard in any standard Pilen colour.
  • Silver anodised or red power painted rims.
  • Brown or Creme tyres. Schwalbe Fat Frank or Big Apple.
  • Exclusive bells from Japanese Crane Bells.
  • Grips from Herrmans with cork or leather grips.
  • A selection of baskets and carriers.

You must order a EL1 Special though your Pilen retailer. Some delivery time might apply.

Recommended price from 26995 SEK

Recommended price is for a Pilen EL1 with Shimano Nexus 7 gears, saddle Selle Montegrappa Future in faux leather, black basket, black mudguards and black grips. Excluded in price is shipping.

More delightful details

  1. Electric Motor Shimano Steps E-6100 mid drive with 60Nm torque. Japanese Shimano is known as one of the world’s most renowned bicycle companies with an extreme quality control. The crank arms are mounted directly on the electric motor’s gear shaft. Crank arms with quality bearings allow for easy cycling even if the electric motor is disabled. The low position of the engine in the frame gives the bike nice driving characteristics.
  2. Battery Shimano BT-6010 capacity 418Wh (36V, 11.6Ah) placerad on the frame in front of driver. The battery’s central placement gives the bike good balance and driving experience.
  3. Strong and resilient aluminium frame 6061 T6. The shape of the frame and the material properties of the alloy make the bike pleasant and safe to ride. The frame is welded with TIG welding and heat-treated to temper T6. True craftsmanship is beautiful and provides the best driving experience.
  4. Extra strong fork in chrome-molybdenum SAE 4130 thru-axle for improved steering and secure handling when braking.
  5. Effective Shimano hydraulic disc brake front (and rear on EL1 8 + and EL1 Di2 8 +). Reliable brakes are extra important for an electric bike because of higher average speed.
  6. Very strong wheels with double bottomed alloy rims, targeted spoke holes, eyelets and strong spokes in stainless steel. Rear wheel got butted spokes for extra strength.
  7. Integrated carrier aluminium 6010 T6 with stainless steel carrier clamps.
  • Saddle Montegrappa Future in black, brown or honey faux leather.
  • Black mudguards stainless steel. Powder coated.
  • Black basket in front.
  • Black chain cover chromated steel
  • Tyres balloon black 50-622 from Schwalbe.
  • Black grips in faux rubber (Kraton).
  • Stainless steel bell with Pilen badge.
  • Stand Atran in aluminium.
  • Abus security class 8 lock Amparo 485.
  • Approved front and rear lighting with reflexes. Head light is powered by the Shimano battery. Rear lights by built-in battery.
EL1 version
Rear hub
Coaster brake
Front disc brake
Rear disc brake
EL1 7CShimano Nexus 7YesYesNo26995
EL1 8CShimano Nexus 8YesYesNo27995
EL1 8C +Shimano Nexus 8YesYesYes29195
EL1 8 +Shimano Nexus 8NoYesYes29195
EL1 Di2 8CShimano Di2 8YesYesNo29995
EL1 Di2 8C +Shimano Di2 8YesYesYes31195
EL1 Di2 8 +Shimano Di2 8NoYesYes31195
All prices are recommended retailer prices and shipping and handling fees might apply.
Pilen EL1 specification
Edited 2019-11-25
Motor unitShimano E-6100 250W. Mid-drive mounted in frame. 60 Nm torque. Colour black.
BatteryShimano BT-6010 418Wh (36V, 11.6Ah) litiumjon. Charging time 4h. Temperature: 0°C~+40°C (loading) och -10°C~+50°C (Operating). Battery life: *1000 cycles * After 1,000 cycles full charging still more than 250Wh=60% (Reference). Colour black.
Cycle computerShimano SCE6000 . Fem lägen: High, Normal, Eco, Walk och Off.
ColoursPilen EL1 comes in a limited range of colours. Creme RAL 1015, Black RAL 9005, Green RAL 6005, Durablack, Duragreen and Durablue.
FrameAluminium 6061 T6 heat-treated. Height 59 cm with low instep.
ForkExtra strong unicrown fork in Chromoly steel stål. Thru-axel for extra security.
MudguardsStainless steel black powder painted.
Bottom Bracket and CranksetIntegrated in the motor unit. Crankset Shimano FC-E6000.
Chain and cover110 links anti rust protected chain. The chain guard has a layer of zink before powder coating.
Gear ratio44:21
Hub rear alt. 1Shimano Nexus 7. Coaster brake rear. Disc brake front. Gripshift on handlebars.
Hub rear alt. 2Shimano Nexus 8. Coaster brake rear. Disc brake as option. Gripshift on handlebars.
Hub rear alt. 3Shimano Nexus 8 Di2 electronic shifting. Coaster brake rear. Disc brake front. Electronic button shifter on handlebars.
Front hubShimano Deore with disc brake and thru-axle.
TyresSchwalbe balloon tyres 50-622 with puncture protection.
Rims28 inches (19-622) double bottomed aluminium rims, targeted spoke holes, eyelets and strong spokes in stainless steel. Black anodized aluminium.
CarrierIntegrated with frame in Alloy 6061 T6.
LockABUS 5650 Safetylevel 9
Brakes frontHydraulic disc brakes Shimano Deore .
SaddleFuture faux saddle in black, brown or honey.
HeadlightHerrmans H-Diver, powered by Shimano BT-6010 battery.
Rear lightSpanninga LED activated by darkness and movement.
ReflexesReflexes in tyres sides
BellStainless steel with Pilen badge.
HandtagHerrmans Zeglo black Kraton
Beautiful and handy extras that make you Pilen EL1 more personal and suited to your needs. Recommended prices at the bottom of page.

Price list Extras Pilen EL1

Shipping costs not included.
Extras Pilen EL1
Updated 2018-12-11.
Single colour bike400Pilen
Tyres Fat Frank 50×622 Creme-reflex150Schwalbe Tires
Tyres Fat Frank 50×622 Brown-reflex150Schwalbe Tires
Grips Primergo cork200Herrmans Oy
Grips Zeglo cork200Herrmans Oy
Grips leather honey or brown280Herrmans Oy
Tool bag Pilen & Nystrom black, brown or honey800Nystrom Stockholm
Basket brown500Pilen
Rims silver anodised200Büchel
Rims metallic red powder-coated400Büchel
Mudguards matte polished200Pilen
Bell E-ne aluminium230Crane Bells
Bell E-ne brass240Crane Bells
Bell E-ne copper260Crane Bells
Bell E-ne matte black230Crane Bells
Bell Suzu aluminium100Crane Bells
Bell Suzu brass150Crane Bells
Bell Suzu copper150Crane Bells
Bell Riten aluminium150Crane Bells
Bell Riten brass200Crane Bells
Bell Riten copper200Crane Bells
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